Convert QueryExpression to Fetch XML or FetchXML to QueryExpression

Here is the way to convert to Query Expression to Fetch XML or Fetch XML to Query Expression.

QueryExpression objQueryExpression = new QueryExpression(“account”);

objQueryExpression.ColumnSet = new ColumnSet(“accountid”);
// QueryExpression To Fetch XML Conversion.
var queryExpToFetchRequest = new QueryExpressionToFetchXmlRequest
       Query = objQueryExpression
var conversionResponse = (QueryExpressionToFetchXmlResponse)objService.Execute(queryExpToFetchRequest);
string fetchXml = conversionResponse.FetchXml;
string strTestFetchXML = “”;

// Fetch XML To QueryExpression Conversion.
var fetchToQueryExpressionRequest = new FetchXmlToQueryExpressionRequest
       FetchXml = strTestFetchXML
var fetchToQueryExpressionResponse = (FetchXmlToQueryExpressionResponse)objService.Execute(fetchToQueryExpressionRequest);
QueryExpression objQueryExp = fetchToQueryExpressionResponse.Query;

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