Save event arguments

In the save event of the Entity, we can pass the execution context as a parameter.

It has getEventArgs method to retrieve an object that contains methods you can use to manage the save events.

It returns an integer value

Returns a value indicating how the save event was initiated by the user.

It returns an integer value

Mode Value
All Save 1
All Save and Close 2
All Save and New 59
All AutoSave 70
Activities Save as Completed 58
All Deactivate 5
All Reactivate 6
User or Team owned entities Assign 47
Email (E-mail) Send 7
Lead Qualify 16
Lead Disqualify 15



Cancels the save operation, but all remaining handlers for the event will still be executed.

          Returns a value indicating whether the save event has been canceled because the preventDefault method was used in this event hander or a previous event handler.

Hope this helps.

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