Special Characters in Fetch XML


We all know that Fetch XML is the wonderful and great feature given in CRM. 
Today, I got an error while working on retrieving some records from CRM. The issue was caused by the special characters.

Here is the my C# code in which I am retrieving account information by passing name.

public static Entity GetAccountInformation1(IOrganizationService objService)

     Entity entAccount = null;
     string strAccountName = “johnson & johnson”;
     string strFetchXML = @”
                                <condition attribute='name' operator='eq' value='" + strAccountName + “‘/>” +
      EntityCollection entCollection = objService.RetrieveMultiple(new FetchExpression(strFetchXML));
      if (entCollection != null && entCollection.Entities.Count > 0)
            entAccount = entCollection.Entities[0];
      return entAccount;

And after I execute, got the below exception.

Don’t worry, this is very simple to solve. Just use HTMLEncode before passing the dynamic values.
Here is the thing what I have changed for making the code to work.

Hope it helps.

Happy CRM’ing


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