Clearing a Field value using Business Rules

Business Rules are an excellent way to achieve simple validations without coding in CRM. The Spring Release of Dynamics CRM 2015 has enhanced the functionality of the Business Rules defined in CRM 2013 to now allow for the ability to clear values in a field.
This can enhance the validity of records in your CRM system while ultimately creating less work for you in the long run.
How to Clear a Field Value Using Business Rules 

  • Navigate to the Business Rules area in CRM 2015 by going to Solutions, choosing the desired entity, and then selecting Business Rules
  • Click New Business Rule.
  • Add the Condition ‘If Clear Field equals Yes’
  • Add the Action ‘Clear Updated By’

Note: If you don’t see the “clear” option in your pick list when setting a field value, check that the requirement for the field you are trying to clear is not set to Business Required. Business Rules will not allow you to clear a required field.

Hope this helps



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