Missing prvReadComplexControl privilege in CRM

Recently, we have created a new security role in CRM and given the same to the users. When I was testing suddenly an error came up throwing the below message.
Principal user (Id=37bb181a-da66-446e-9ef7-7c078b76ef7e, type=8) is missing prvReadComplexControl privilege.
I never heard about Complex Control in CRM, after a little bit of search came to know that we need to give read permission on Process Configuration entity under Customization tab.

After a quick search on MSDN, it is clearly as mentioned as below
“This entity is for internal use only. However, users need read access to this entity in order to see the updated experience for lead and opportunity forms.”

So make sure you give the read access on Process Configuration for the newly created roles.

Happy CRM’ing


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