Export and Import Product Catalog in CRM

CRM provides very easy and rich interface to configure Product Catalog that will help the company to sell products and services.
Most of the times, we would be creating Product Catalog in one system and wanted to move from one CRM to other CRM. After the Product Catalog is fully built and tested on one of the CRM systems, we can always export the complete catalog and import to other systems using Data Migration tool.
Here is the procedure of exporting and importing catalog from one CRM system to other.

1) Download SDK, Navigate to Tools-> Configuration Migration

2) Double click on DataMigrationUtility

3) Select Create Schema

4) Give CRM Credentials

5) Select the Organization where Product Catalog was properly configured

6) Select the Solution, the application will automatically gets all the entities in the solution and shows in the dropdown. Select Product entity and click on Add Entity button.

7) Select the below entities and click on Entity
  • Product
  • Product Association (needed for bundles)
  • Product Relationship (not a mandatory entity, needed only for relationships)
  • Property
  • Property Association
  • Property Option Set Item
  • Notes (needed, if there are any notes for the product)
  • Currency
  • Price List
  • Price List Item
  • Unit
  • Unit Group
  • Territory (needed if there is a default price list configuration)
  • Connection (needed, if there is a default price list configuration)
  • Competitor (needed, if there are any competitors for product)
  • Sales Literature and Sales Literature Item (needed, if there is any sales literature for product)
  • Discount (not a mandatory entity, needed only for discounts when added to price lists)
  • Discount List (not a mandatory entity, needed only for discounts)

8) click on Save and Export button

 9) Choose the location to save Schema

10) Click Yes on the Pop Up.

11) Select the location to save the Data file and click on Export Data button.

12) Now open the same tool again and select Import Data

13) Give the credentials and connect to organization where you want to copy the data.

14) Browse the Zip file which was created by the Export Process and click on Import Data.

Hope this helps.

Happy CRM’ing


2 thoughts on “Export and Import Product Catalog in CRM

  1. Learning Geeks February 27, 2018 / 10:16 am

    Will this also publish the products or they have to be published manually?


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