Dynamics CRM Mobile App OOB Limitations


Today I have started working on the CRM for Phones and grabbed the limitations before starting the actual work.

Here are some limitations which need to considered while designing.

• Default values for out of the box fields do not get populated. Ex: Status, recommendation is to hide these fields on create form.
• Out of the box related records filtering does not work in the mobile client. Explicit JavaScript has to be written to support it. We have a workaround for this. 
• The default create form is the quick create form for the entity. So the quick create form needs to be disabled for the entity to display the complete create form according to the requirement.
• Lookups in mobile client always take the default lookup view for the entity even if a different view is configured for the lookup field from the form. So in case any filters are applied to the default lookup view this will apply to the lookup in the mobile client.
• Out of the box duplicate detection rules also do not work in the mobile clients.
• Quick view forms are not supported
• The create form experience is restricted to roughly occupy only one third of the screen size. So try avoiding having multiple fields on create form for better user experience.
• A tab always takes up its own space on the edit form even if there is nothing inside it. We might have a tab with 2 sections, each containing a sub grid on the web form. On the mobile form, it renders as a white box for the tab followed by the 2 grids. Refer the below screenshot to see how most of the space in the tab is unused in the mobile client when it contains mostly sub-grids.

Hope this helps.

Happy CRM’ing

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