Workflow must be in Published State


Suddenly, today our CRM instance starts showing below error on save of Lead record. We are pretty sure that there is no new changes on the Lead entity.

“Workflow must be in Published State”

After some analysis, checked the workflow error and it says some issue with SLA. We have a SLA on the Lead, I have de-activated and activated the same and able to save the record.

[Microsoft.Crm.Service.GlobalSlaPlugin: Microsoft.Crm.Service.GlobalSlaPlugin.SlaPostCreatePlugin]
[554f5c53-1941-e711-8129-c4346bad9624: ObjectModel Implementation]

Fix – De-activating and Activating the SLA configured on the repective entity fixes the issue.

Hope this helps.

Happy CRM’ing


One thought on “Workflow must be in Published State

  1. Unknown July 6, 2017 / 10:06 am

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