Text Control in PowerApps

Hi Everyone,

It’s all about Text Control in PowerApps (Canvas App) today. As we all know, Text is a string. Below are main properties or events which we have to remember

  • OnChange  – When the state of the control changes
  • OnSelect  – When the taps the control
  • Visible Property – By definition, it takes bool. True  – It shows the field on the form and we can use this property to show and hide the field.
  • Default Property – Show the text the default text. Sometimes, you might get a requirement to put some text as a default text.
  • Hint Text Property – This is initially greyed out and when the users taps on, it changes the control to input. I feel this is a nice one as we can put the right text and that will make users understand what exactly they have to do.
  • Mode – Single or Multiline.
  • Format Property – format the text Number.
  • Clear – Clear shows Cross mark on the Text and user can easily clear the data.

Hope this helps.

Happy 365’ing

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