Programmatically Recalculating Rollup fields using C# in Dynamics 365/CRM

Hi Everyone,

Today I got an requirement to send some data to external system and they were looking for real time data. When I did the fields found some Rollup fields and we all know that Rollup fields are asynchronous in nature and it is managed by Recurring System Jobs.

I was kind of stuck, did a little search and understood that there is a SDK message which we can use for recalculating. Here is the code for the same.

CalculateRollupFieldRequest rollupRequest = new CalculateRollupFieldRequest
                Target = new EntityReference("account", new Guid("475b158c-541c-e511-80d3-3863bb347ba8")),
                FieldName = "new_rollupfromchild"

            CalculateRollupFieldResponse response = (CalculateRollupFieldResponse)crmService.Execute(rollupRequest);

Hope this helps.

Happy 365’ing

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