Increase the limit of ExportToExcel in Dynamics 365 CE – MaxRecordsForExportToExcel

Hi Everyone,

Today I was working with one of the users and they want to export more than 10000 records from Dynamics 365 CE. We all know that is the limitation in the system. Somehow, I remembered that I read saying that we can increase the limit and quick check has shown a way to do.

There is a configuration for this and we can update in a supported way. MaxRecordsForExportToExcel attribute in Organization entity has this information.

We need Organization ID to update this setting, get it from Advanced Settings/Settings –> Customizations –> Developer Resources –> Instance Reference Information.

Here is the code to update the setting using C# and we can update to the max value of 2147483647 but update it as per your requirement as the huge number might put the load on the system while exporting.

Entity entOrganization = new Entity("organization");
// Get Organization ID from Developer Resources.
entOrganization.Id = new Guid("OrganizationID");
entOrganization.Attributes["maxrecordsforexporttoexcel"] = 500000;

Hope this helps.

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Preview Contact and Owner information by just hovering on the lookup – Dynamics 365

Hi Everyone,

Today I was testing something on the trail instance and I just hovered on the Contact lookup and saw pop out window like below. I haven’t observed this so far.

Somehow I am impressed with it as this is giving information to the users by just hovering.

When you click on Show More button, the details are opened as a popup. I couldn’t find the form that is being using here to add any of custom fields. If anyone finds, please let me know.

Users can click on Email and Phone links which will open Outlook and or Skype (if it configured else we can pick an app option)

Similarly we can view owner details by hovering on Owner lookup.

When you click on Update your profile, it opens Delve.

Show more opens the information as a popup like below.

These improvements might not be great functional changes but certainly gives good experience to users and make their lives easier for day to day activities.

If you would like to disable these, there is a setting available in System Settings as below and we can disable it.

“Enable users to view contact cards for quick access to contact information”

Hope this helps.

Happy 365’ing